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High Street Youth exists to train this generation to love God, connect with each other, serve people, grow in Christ, and reach the world. We want to be a fun and safe place for young people to grow in their walk with Christ. The vision is to develop adult and student leaders who will reach hundreds of students in our community with the gospel, help them grow in their faith and launch them to serve Christ with their whole life.

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The last thing that Jesus tells His disciples to do before He left earth was to tell others about Him. Sharing their faith is an important step that you child can take in their walk with God. Encourage your kids to invite their friends to church with them.


No one is ever too young to volunteer. There are many ways that your child can get involved in volunteering in KidStreet. We are on purpose to involve kids in serving. We believe they have something to offer the church even while they are young.


At KidStreet, we believe that God has given us everything that we have. Because of this, we know that it is important to give back to God. Each week at KidStreet, we take time to give back to God a portion of what He has given to us.

Volunteer with High Street Youth

If you are interested in volunteering with High Street Youth, let us know here!