At High Street, we believe knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him is the most important thing you could ever do. God is writing an amazing story–with Jesus as the focal point–and He created you to be part of it. By joining God in His story, you will find forgiveness, purpose, and satisfaction as you come to know Jesus.

Watch this short film or read the summary text below.

How did it all begin?


In the beginning, God created everything to be perfect — no sickness, disease, or sadness. Everything lived in harmony. God made Adam & Eve to reflect His image and to worship Him by loving, serving, and enjoying relationship with Him.

What went wrong?

(The Fall)

Adam & Eve rebelled against a loving God and believed Satan’s lie. Sin entered into the world and into every human heart. Everything is now distorted and broken. Everyone is guilty before God.

Is there any hope?

(The Rescue)

Jesus, who is God, came to rescue people by His life, death, and resurrection. By faith alone in Him, anyone can have their sins forgiven and enjoy eternal life with him.

What will the future hold?

(The Restoration)

Everything will be restored to the way it was supposed to be, and those who trust in Jesus will get to enjoy eternity in the new heaven and new earth.

What do I do now?

God is inviting you to be part of the story He is writing throughout the ages to come. He is offering salvation to you today, which is your invitation to the rescue God offers. To embrace the rescue of God, simply:

We’d love to help you on your journey of faith by answering any questions you may have, praying with you, or celebrating your decision to receive the rescue of God!


Admit your need to God


Ask Him to forgive you


Trust in Jesus alone to rescue you


Follow Jesus Christ, the King of your life, in faith from this day forward