High Street Men gives men a place to build lasting relationships with other men. We know God has plans for you to be a leader. And we are passionate about teaching men how to lead themselves, lead in their families, and lead in their church.

Current Weekly Meetings

Sundays at 9AM

Room 140B

Group teaching time with small group discussion.
This spring, we are taking an in-depth look at 2 Peter. Join us Sundays to find wisdom from the last remaining writing of the apostle Peter.

Sundays at 10:30AM

Room 140C

Led by David Bradley

Small Group teaching time with small group discussion.
Join us Sundays to discover what God has in mind when he thinks of a Godly man. Midweek: High Street Men

Wednesdays at 6:30PM

Room 104

Group teaching time with small group discussion.


High Street Women are a group of women who strive to love God, serve people, and reach the world. We have a heart to see women come to know Christ, grow in their faith, and get connected with other women in community. Wherever you are right now, we would love to help you find and follow Jesus.
If we can be of help to you, please contact Cindy Lyons or Laura Demers at the church office at 417-862-5502

Join us for Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening Bible Studies.

High Street Women Sunday – 9 AM-10 AM in Room 106.

High Street Women Midweek – Wednesdays at 6:30 in Room 108

High Street Women Sunday

9 AM-10 AM in Room 106.                                  
Large Group Bible Study for women of all ages.
Teachers: Cindy Lyons, Laura Demers and Natalie Jones    

High Street Women Midweek

Wednesday at 6:30-7:30 pm in Room 108
Large group Bible Study with small group discussion.
Teachers: Cindy Lyons, Laura Demers and Sharon Hoffman

Mom's Group

We have several events coming up for Mom’s at High Street:
12/7 Christmas Progressive Dinner 6pm (no childcare available)
1/21 Mom’s Coffee Night 7pm (limited childcare available)
1/30 Parenting and Technology 6pm (childcare available through 5th grade)
3/4 & 3/5 Marriage Mini retreat 7-9pm, 9-11:30am $10 a person (childcare available with registration)
4/1 Mom’s Coffee Night 7pm (limited childcare available)

Email Grace at with any questions

Connect with us through our Facebook Group:

Small Groups

Groups provide community for women of all ages who are going to grow deeper in their faith. We offer various meeting times and will find a group that will be a good fit for you!


Every Sunday morning at 9AM and 10:30AM, we have classes for people in all stages of life. Each of the classes are listed below with their times and a small description. If you would like more information on the weekly offerings, please email​.


Teacher(s): Jim Wade
Room: 101
Demographic: Single & Married Adults (20’s-50’s)

Adult Couples

Teacher(s): Randy & Stacy Harp
Room: 104
Demographic: Adult Couples (20’s-40’s)

Engaged & Marrieds

Teacher(s): Nick Mills
Room: 143
Demographic: Engaged & Marrieds

The Art of Parenting Your Adult Child

Teacher(s): Dr. Jon Thompson
Room: 101
Date(s): Sept 19 - Sept 26 - Oct 3 - Oct 10
Topic: This series is being offered to assist and encourage us not to lose hope in what God can accomplish by using our prayers and efforts to lead our adult children and grandchildren to God.

High Street Women

Teacher(s): Cindy Lyons & Laura Demers
Room: 106
Demographic: Single & Married Women


Teacher(s): Rob Hoffman
Room: 141
Demographic: Men & Women 40’s – 60’s


Teacher(s): Matthew Smith
Room: 140B (Coffee Shop)
Demographic: Men


Teacher(s): Andy Dutcher
Room: 140D (Coffee Shop)
Demographic: Adults with Special Needs

Young Adults

Teacher(s): Jared Bone
Room: 140E
Demographic: Singles & Marrieds Ages 18-35


Teacher(s): Tom Demers
Room: 105
Demographic: Middle & high School

Alpha Omega

Teacher(s): Russ Johnson
Room: 140F (Coffee Shop)
Demographic: Single & Married Adults (50’s-60’s)


Teacher(s): Dick Bemarkt
Room: 112
Demographic: Senior Traditional Sunday School (65+)


Teacher(s): Dan Whisler
Room: 104
Demographic: Fun Loving Middle Aged Single & Married Adults


Teacher(s): Dave Drury
Room: 110 (Chapel)
Demographic: Senior Traditional Sunday School (65+)


Teacher(s): David Bradley
Room: 140C (Coffee Shop)
Demographic: Single & Married Men


We'll be meeting throughout the Summer in a variety of settings. If you would like more information on community this Summer, let us know here.




Join us every Wednesday at 5:15PM for dinner and midweek studies starting at 6:30PM. Dinner is $5 per person unless you sign up ahead to pay $4. There is a $20 maximum per family.

sign up here

Midweek Bible Study for Women


This​​ is ​​a ​​great ​​place ​​for ​​women ​​looking​​ for ​​spiritual growth​​ and​​ community.​​ Join ​​us ​​at​​ 6:30PM ​​every​​ Wednesday beginning ​​Sept ​​1,​​ 2021 ​​in​​ room​​ 108 ​​for ​​teaching​​ and​​ small​​ group​​ discussion.​ ​Taught​​ by​​ Cindy​​ Lyons,​​ Laura​​ Demers,​​ &​ Sharon​​ Hoffman.

Midweek Bible Study for Men


Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30PM in room 104 starting Sept 1, 2021. This is a great environment to learn side-by-side and build lasting relationships.

Engaged & Young Married

Engaged & Young Married

Nick Mills will be teaching a class targeting engaged & young married couples. They will be doing an overview of the Bible this year in room 140E.

Midweek for Youth


High Street Youth Midweek is a place where students from all over the Springfield area can come and feel welcomed. Together we will learn truth from God’s Word and apply it to our daily lives as we invite other students to do the same. This group meets in room 105. For more information on High Street Youth, email or go to our High Street Youth page.


A Study on Exodus

Fred Groves will be teaching a study on the book of Exodus. This class is for men and women. This class content is distributed online currently. If you would like to receive the content, let us know here.