God’s Waiting Roon

May 17, 2016 | Laura Demers | Adults, Women's Ministry,

Waiting is never easy, but God says it is best for us. It is in His waiting room that He draws us closer to Himself and teaches us to rely on His goodness. We learn more about the character and faithfulness of God while we wait, perhaps more than any other time. TD Jakes said, “I was working on the destination, but He was working on me and made me wait.”

Often when we are waiting on God, our prayers get very specific with instructions to God on just how we think things ought to turn out with step by step instructions. I wonder how this makes God feel. Does He chuckle and shake His head and say, “I know best and THAT is not best,” or does He get frustrated with our control issues?

During a particular waiting season, God brought to my mind an old hymn that I probably sang hundreds of times as a child.

“Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Have thine own way.
Thou art the potter,
I am the clay.
Mold me and make me
After Thy will.
While I am waiting
Yielded and still.”

Faith isn’t belief that God will do things that I want, but rather
belief that God will do what is best.
I can trust Him. He wants
me to trust Him. He wants me to acknowledge that He is God
and I am not.

During the month of May, I have been teaching Wednesday nights at 6:30 in High Street Women Midweek on Waiting on God. I hope you will join us. Let’s learn how to wait better, together.

Laura Demers
Women’s Ministry & Bible Study Coordinator

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